PIC®800: Performance Redefined

The PIC®800 is setting the pace for sire line performance today and tomorrow.

The PIC®800 is the most advanced Duroc terminal sire, proven through validated trials in commercial settings. It is bred to meet the current and future needs of producers by delivering economic advantages with superior growth, carcass lean, and robustness, leading to more full value pigs. PIC has expanded its PIC®800 elite sow population ten-fold. This continuous investment allows for increased availability of elite animals for customers and significant improvement in traits impacting profitability, including feed efficiency and growth, and traits impacting eating satisfaction, like tenderness and pH.

The PIC®800 joins PIC’s portfolio of industry leading terminal sire choices, providing:
• Most full-value pigs marketed
• Excellent growth rate
• Strong feed efficiency
• Superior durability and throughput
• Excellent meat quality and carcass value

Accelerating genetic improvement

Expansion in elite sow populations allows for increased selection intensity for traits impacting profitability and farms will realize these gains quicker.

Improvement in PIC Elite Farm trends 2015-2020


Change in PIC Elite Farm trends 2015-2020

Outperforming the competition on total profitability. Margins above feed & housing costs ($/pig placed). The primary drivers of higher profitability are better survivability and growth rate.


Best rated by consumer

Pork from PIC®800 pigs is favored over pork from competitive Duroc sires.

Source: U.S. consumer taste panel with 126 panelist assessing four industry-leading Durocs used for premium export markets.

1ES124. This trial was conducted with PRRS positive pigs. 2ES133, 3ES147, 4ES150, 55ES144
7PIC®800 benchmark performance 2019-2020
8National Pork Board Industry Productivity Adjusted Wean-to-Finish Results for 2017-2019. Survivability calculated as the inverse of mortality rate.